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Traveling life is a version of reality where everyone is a deviant and sexual desires run rampant. There’s no such thing as beating around the bush, or waiting for the right moment.Every moment is always the right moment, and there is no such thing as shame.This fact has not slowed the warnings of Patch publications.In spite of overwhelming evidence, they persist with their warnings and maps and dots and pandering headlines.I’d never realized it before, but I guess I had accepted it without question.A few weeks later on a humid evening in Panama City, I found myself lying on rumpled sheets, my hair in knots and face dripping with sweat, next to a New Zealander I’d met a few nights prior.To the editors of Patch: Each year in the month prior to Halloween, articles warning parents about the danger posed at Halloween by persons who are on sex offender registries begin to appear.The Patch has been especially diligent and prolific in this regard, often printing maps with little dots showing where registered persons (aka "monsters," "bogeymen," "pedophiles," "ghouls") happen to live.

With my guilty conscience kicking into high gear, I did the first thing I could think of doing: I got dressed as quietly and quickly as possible before sneaking out of the tent in the wee hours of the morning. Growing up in a society where casual sex plus female was almost always synonymous with a slew of derogatory terms, it was hard not to feel guilt or shame. Casual sex for men is praiseworthy, another notch on the bedpost, but for women it’s a reason for behind-the-back name calling.

The logic is always that if you ever feel so inclined, you’re free to leave as you please to be someone else, somewhere else.

I watched as he slowly got up, his eyes lingering on the ground, as if trying to find the right words to counter my rebuff.

For almost as many years, the scientific and academic communities have scorned and protested this practice.

The reason they do so is simple: There is no heightened danger posed to children by those on registries in regard to Halloween or Halloween activities.