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Suddenly photography was available to the masses as well as the gentry and family albums became a must for most Victorian families.

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As for national express shipments, there is also a 20-digit shipment number, known as a licence plate.

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You guys go way back to grade school and used to play in the same sandbox. In minutes he’s disabled your AV program, downloaded an exploitation tool from the internet, executed a powershell script and owned all the accounts that ever logged into your computer.

After downing a few beers you race to the bathroom and your nefarious friend immediately jumps into the drivers seat of your computer.

And since people typically use the same password for everything (According to Sophos, 55% to be exact), your duplicitous “friend” now has the keys to multiple kingdoms.

Open Power Shell as an Administrator by pressing the Windows Logo Key q and typing: You’ll see a fusillade of security warnings – which is good.

But that’s why I told you to examine the script first.