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I’m going to explain a couple ways you can do it on your own, or with help from a dating coach.There are two basic ways you can introduce yourself to women in public settings: Direct openers are great because you can get to the point quickly, express your honest feelings, and avoid misunderstandings about your intentions. Being assertive is one of the main qualities that will attract women.Through Joel’s guidance and teachings I have a much deeper understanding of who I am than I ever had before, and I like what I see.I have nothing but admiration for Joel and the knowledge he shares.Get a personal mentorship from an experienced coach who understands the psychology of dating and confidence building. Only real character building, accountability, advanced social skills training and guidance so you can achieve your relationship & dating goals. Your dating coach is your wingman, mentor, and personal trainer for your love life.Just as going to the gym will help you build muscle or burn fat, social training will build up your courage and social skills so you can get dates on your own terms.Click Here to Learn More Joel is the true expert in relationships!Thanks to him, I was able to realize why I was having issues with men all the time. Joel is gifted in his ideas and has a very clear way of presenting them.

Going after a goal without a plan is a guaranteed way to fail. It’s even harder when there isn’t any support or accountability to keep you going through tough challenges. My relationship coaching, dating coaching and marriage coaching employs a unique process which utilizes a combination of education, counselling and coaching that will allow you to immediately begin to improve the quality of your relationships, and ultimately, your life. I partner with both couples and singles to educate you on the masculine and feminine dance underlying all relationship dynamics and help you to move forward with this knowledge in a powerful and life changing way.Moreover, he helped me significantly improve by giving specific instructions and examples on how to understand and effectively communicate with men. I got chills as I read it – it makes so much sense.I was surprised to find out how quickly my relationship improved. Your sessions were super helpful for me, I figured out so much! I totally get it and understand myself a bit more because of it.Indirect openers are perfect for situations where there may be a lot of public pressure.