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A range of was adopted for groundwater recharging the aquifer, including both meteoric production and epigene production.For most of the samples collected along the main flowpath, a significant decay effect was observed.Such additions can substantially change the Cl/Cl ratios (Nimz, 1998).

The attractiveness of chlorine in hydrologic studies is that it is highly soluble, exists in nature as a conservative non-sorbing anion, does not participate in redox reactions, and has some quickly identifiable sources (e.g., seawater).For the determination of water transit times between two sampling locations instead of the absolute age of the water, the value measured at the upgradient location is used as the input value.Cl, like Li and B, has two stable isotopes (Cl might be a useful tool for hydrograph separation analysis and determination of mixing between regional and shallow ground water mixing (Nimz, 1998). And what has Stonehenge got to do with the Ice Age? This blog is mostly devoted to the problems of where the Stonehenge bluestones came from, and how they got from their source areas to the monument.Some of the ideas discussed in this blog are published in my book called "The Bluestone Enigma" -- available by post and through good bookshops everywhere. To order, click I've been looking at the film called "Stonehenge -- Secrets of the Stones." Thanks to Pete for drawing attention to it.On that basis the good Professor says -- on the film -- that "there is no way that this rock could have been transported by glacier ice from Preseli to Stonehenge." He says that the last ice sheet that might have affected this area was in existence about 650,000 years ago -- goodness knows where he got that date from........