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Not only were they recently spotted "cuddling in Los Angeles," but apparently this wasn't the first time the couple was spotted "hanging out again..."First, Selena and Justin are caught hanging out MULTIPLE TIMES.

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i created a fake profile and used a ugliest photo i could find and i get hundres of girls a month saying how my profile is the best they have ever seen,, WTF there's no way any of those girls would talk to a guy that ugly that has not job... Girls Requesting to transfer money online for sex etc...

opened a account as a girl and no one every replies to you when you have a full account, same goes if you pay, all the messages stop and then you talk to some random people that lead you on.. I sent money to a girl and she said she didn't receive it, when I contacted my bank they're saying that the money was sent and has been receive by the other person.

Quite enjoy using flirthookup, helps to keep me busy ;-) I usually find that joining at least three sites (depending on how much free time you have) is the best recipe for success when it comes to finding girls online who are up for a bit of no strings fun, cos lets face it, they aint growing on trees and take a bit of time and effort to track down.

I like as my main site and I usually have at least one app on my phone as well (tinder at the moment) so I can do a bit of swiping on the go.

Even though this is supposed to be a "sex" site I was looking for another route beside T! Like a previous review said, lots of messages until you pay. If I got a dollar for every dong I had to look at when I do get round to making a search id be so rich that I could pay for everyones memberships!

If we could filter these then it would mean we wouldnt spend so much time trying to find a guy to hook up with and life would be perfect (as I can 100% tell you that the guys who post pics of their dangly bits are not the kind of people I want to spend an evening with).

But flirthookup is a nice final choice for my strategy as its a solid site its been going for a long time and has a high number of people using it.

Hell on Flirt Hook Up it took me almost that time to get a girl to give me some cyber!Worst part is they have sister sites that present ads and you think it is part of this site matching you, but it actually takes you to another site and replicates your profile --which you cannot delete!Very clever and sophisticated programmed money machine!But thats the only thing really, full marks to the site, one happy customer here xxx Im liking Flirt Hook Up and im surprised that there arent more positive reviews.I cant help but laugh at the people who leave reviews saying they didnt get laid and they want there money back etc etc.I like Flirt Hook Up but it can get pretty boring when you dont get a reply for like 2 weeks from anyone.