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He may have driven the last nail in the coffin of paranormal tv.

Then again, ending paranormal tv may not be such a bad thing!

Haunted by supernatural events he experienced as a child growing up in Ireland, Barry developed an interest in paranormal research and went on to work for two different paranormal groups based in Northern Ireland.

He now dedicates much of his time to the development of new investigative techniques and research methods.

I guess fans of the Ghost Hunter franchise or Britt Griffith might make the argument about Britt being punished for using his “right of free speech.” Sure Britt has a “Right” of free speech, but he also has a responsibility.

I really think that Britt owes a lot of people an apology (update he has apologized). His words reflect badly on the entire paranormal field.

With all the recent suicides of kids having issues dealing with being gay and my personal experience dealing with a teenage family member going through this issue just a couple years ago i thinks its appropriate to mention this project that was brought to my attention by Kate Mullaly, it is a free resource for kids having suicidal thoughts over the issue of being gay.Please if you are thinking of ending it all, don’t, give the Trevor Project a call first, thay can help.A spin-off of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters series, Ghost Hunters International features a squad of paranormal investigators who use their principles of scientific techniques, to explore some of the most legendary haunted spots around the world.I have no idea why my brain chose that word as i do not use it just like i do not use the N word.I come from a f…amily with gays and lesbians in it and i completely understand the punch behind that word.A lifetime resident of Ireland, Barry previously worked as the warden for the Southern Education and Library Board, where he arranged weekends away for youths and worked on conflict issues and cross-border projects, allowing communities from either side of the cultural divide in Northern Ireland to work together and develop friendships. Kris Williams was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire as the oldest of three children.