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Like any woman she became furious at her husband’s actions but upholding her image as most wives did during that time she took out her anger on the offspring.

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As you may know, the so-called Chinese "dialects" are actually different languages.

The eight different languages (Mandarin, Hakka, Northern Min, Southern Min, Wu, Gan, Xiang, and Yue) that are referred to as Chinese are as different from each other as the various Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, etc.) are from each other.

Many words consisted of one syllable (and hence one character), but there were words like "mei guo", which meant America.

Yes, you could break it up into the separate syllables, which meant "beautiful" and "country", but you had to know that the entire combination meant America.

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Zaijian, -friedo Also, it isn't a straight mapping. Does anyone here speak several of the Chinese languages?Free Chat Sites – this is a great way to find chats.I was talking with some people recently about reading Chinese.A Cantonese-only speaker can read something written by a Mandarin-only speaker,even though they couldn't speak to each other.To give a made up example using different languages, it's as if #$% was a character read as "dog" in English, "cane" in Italian,"perro" in Spanish and so on.The difference is pronounciation and local coloquialisms.