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The authors describe the father as an unpleasant, abusive alcoholic prone to physically and verbally assaulting his children.

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If an invalid value has already been inserted into the cell, or if you insert a value in the cell either with drag-and-drop or by copying and pasting, the validity rule will not take effect.

After updating to rc2 this message appeared when I tried to save a node after adding a new date: The value input for field Datum Start date value #2 is invalid: The month is missing The cause in my case is that the month string generated ("Feb") has a capitalized first letter.

Each carbon atom can form four single covalent bonds.

These bonds allow carbon to form long chain-shaped molecules, called polymers, such as plastics. A special, man-made, tube-shaped allotrope of carbon is the carbon nanotube. A radioactive isotope of carbon, carbon-14, can be used to figure out how old some objects are or when something died.

So I'm holding my breath here., has now been committed.

That fix is not in the 7.14 release, you have to pick up the dev release of core until a 7.15 release is cut.

If you want to see the translated options in the datepicker, you need the core patch at The translator translated the value using the lower case, so that's the only value the system can understand.If you want uppercase you have to fix the translation, which is outside my control.With that, I have no problems using the popup widget to insert translated date values and the format displays the date correctly as well, at least when using a language that has all the date elements translated.The problem of capitalization if you want both 'Dec' and 'dec' to work interchangeably can't be fixed.If there is still a problem using that specific patch ( I need confirmation that that is the patch that was used, that you cleared caches after applying the patch, and that it still is broken after that, along with specific steps to reproduce this on a clean install.