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Name: Michael Potter Job Title: Driver, Personal Assistant and Bodyguard Where: Los Angeles, CAEmployer: Author Stephen J.Cannell Years of Experience: 24Education: 3 Years of College Salary: Typical chauffeur job salaries: -K and up You see them on Entertainment Tonight and on the E! Celebrity lifestyles and chauffeur jobs seem very glamorous, but behind the glitz, a limousine chauffeur has to navigate crazy traffic and find parking places, all while looking smooth as air.I decided then and there that I would attend this Cougar Convention. – The moment I stepped in to the surprisingly bland ballroom at the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza Hotel, I realized that The California Cougar Convention was not going to make it easy to take it seriously. I arrived just in time for the Rapid Dating Mixer and. The line of women roughly twice as long as the line of men. The women shuffle one pace to the left, the men stand still. There were the conservatively dressed—men and women in suits or business casual wear. I made a note to use the phrase “ran the gamut” in my blog.As a Nerd, I consider it my duty to stick up for the underdog, the oppressed, those whom society misunderstands and mocks. A swarm of cameras, mini-video cameras, and notebook carrying reporters circles the lines, shark-like, sniffing for journalistic blood. But there were also women in ill-advised dresses with plunging necklines and plastic surgery. As the Rapid Dating session came to a close, I went to get a beer and settled in for the keynote address hoping that it would lend some credibility to what at this point appeared to be a crappy dating mixer in a depressing hotel ballroom attended by more press than guests. And then Monique urged us all to support measures to make declawing cats illegal. I had now been at the convention for over an hour and still had not succeeded in finding anything I could use to rebut the mockers, the scoffers, the scorners.She also introduced us to the world of Rapid Dating, her version of speed dating.If you've ever wondered what speed dating is, or what makes a good speed dating question, don't miss this interview with an experienced relationship advice guru.(For more info about professionals who contribute to the business of love and their salary range, check out this Dr. Names: Andy and Traici Crutchfield Job Title: Private Investigators, Private Detectives Where: Atlanta, GAEmployer: Self - Covert Operations, Inc.

One of the top dating experts, Renee Piane, gave us the inside info about love, dating tips and salary range.Salary: Minimum of 0 a day Imagining the life of a private investigator conjures up visions of TV detectives solving a crime in less than an hour and cashing in big paychecks, but in reality, the tasks of a private investigator can involve hours of administrative work.Plus, the salary of a private investigator can vary, depending on the case and how long it takes to solve.” It seemed that more and more men were arriving with each passing moment. Two fetching female reporters in their 20s were chatting with a stocky blond Marine in a polo shirt. ” She slid a digital voice recorder close to the guy’s mouth to capture his response: “You know, like, it seemed like it would be fun. “Isn’t this awesome,” she enthused, “I just love younger men. ” She joined the interview, snaking her arm around polo-shirt guy. The elevator would chime open and they’d emerge—groups of 5 or 10 young men in jeans and ties. These days there is a wealth of dating tips available online (as mentioned at