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All in all, most modern PCs running NT 4.0 or 2000 should be easily upgradeable to XP. Unlike the 9x/Me upgrade, the NT/200 does not offer any uninstallation capabilities, so it's a one way street: Once you begin the upgrade, the only way back to your previous OS is to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall from scratch.For this reason, I advise carefully backing up your files and settings before proceeding with the upgrade.As you probably know, Windows 2000 was to have been called Windows NT 5.0 before the marketing droids at Microsoft got a hold of it.Well, on that note, XP is really NT 5.1, a version number that should conjure up images of a relatively minor upgrade. This is because, at its heart, XP is simply Windows 2000 with a new task-based user interface, improved application and hardware compatibility, and other small features.

Among the highlights: You don't actually own Windows XP and you can only install it on one PC.In the next step, you enter your product key, which is found on an orange sticker attached to the XP CD's jewel case.If you're connected to the Internet, Setup will next ask you whether it can update itself over the Internet using the new Dynamic Updates technology.You should make note of any software or hardware issues that are found during this step.At this point, Setup is updated and some boot files are copied to the PC. If you see a message about pressing any key to boot from the CD-ROM at this point, do not do so: Your PC has been configured to boot Setup off the hard drive.XP, however, uses NTFS 3.1, so if you decide to later wipe out XP for some reason and reinstall NT, you'll have to remove the XP partition, re-create it, and format it again during NT Setup.